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Who Runs the World (Girls!): Meet the Women of Pest-End

Since 1982, September 22 has been designated as “American Business Women’s Day.” The purpose is to recognize the “contributions and accomplishments of the millions of U.S. women in the workforce, and women business owners.”  At Pest-End, we have plenty to celebrate.  Flipping the Script For an industry traditionally dominated by men, it’s rarer to see…

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As Summer Cools off Stinging Pests Are Heating Up

Nothing interrupts a lazy late summer day lounging in your backyard quite like hornets or wasps can. Whether you’re attempting to host one last backyard barbeque of the season, are determined to catch up on overlooked landscaping, or just want to flip through a scintillating summer read in peace, hornets, and wasps can really put…

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What is World Mosquito Day?

Once upon a time — 124 years ago, to be exact — British physician and Noble Prize winner, Sir Ronald Ross, made a critical discovery in defense of human health around the world.  On August 20, 1897, Ross discovered that female mosquitoes could transmit malaria to humans: “While dissecting the stomach tissue of an anopheline…

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Oh, Baby. We’ve Got Bats!

As we begin to close in on the end of summer and the transition into fall, local natives are already anxiously anticipating all the joys of fall in New England. Another telltale sign that a season change is on the horizon, are squeaks and scratches coming from your home’s attic.  These noises are not necessarily…

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Pest-End tick spray

Why Your Business Needs Regular Pest Services

Do you own a warehouse, restaurant, or other small business? Pests, like rodents, insects, and flies can become a huge problem for your reputation, property maintenance, and can harm you financially. Do you have regular commercial pest services? If not, here’s why you should.  Picture this scenario.  You are enjoying a wonderful dinner at your…

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termites in the ground

Importance of Termite Inspections for Home Buyers 

If you have been following the news at all over the last year, you know that the housing market is on fire. Homes are selling well above asking price within days of being put on the market. Unfortunately, many home buyers, hoping to make their offers stand out, are waiving home inspections and termite inspections. …

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Pest-End Bed Bug Control

Hospitality Industry Faces Potential Bed Bug Resurgence

The COVID-19 pandemic had disastrous effects on businesses worldwide, perhaps none more so than the hotel and hospitality industry. When travel came to a screeching halt, hotels closed their doors, many struggled to stay financially afloat waiting for the day they could reopen.  At last that day is upon us, which means an uptick in…

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wasp nest

Why You Should Call a Pro to Remove A Beehive

Have you ever encountered a beehive around your home and thought, “I can just take that down with clippers and gloves in order to stop the bees from coming around?”  Think again.  We suggest thinking twice if you have a hive hanging from your home or from the trees around your home before you plan…

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How Can I Protect My Family From Mosquitoes? 

It’s turning out to be quite the banner year for mosquitoes in New England. Our region of the country has seen a major uptick in the breeding of mosquitoes, possibly caused by wetter than average weather, high humidity, and a heat wave already in the books.  All of these factors have led to this year…

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Pests Paddling in Your Pool?

  If you own a pool, you might find that your friend group suddenly surges come summertime. Everyone wants an invite to cool off poolside during the dog days of summer. But, what about those guests you never invited in the first place?  Some pests love pools as much as people. The trouble is their…

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