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Ridding Your Patio of Mosquitoes

There really are very few things that are more annoying than getting suddenly bombarded by mosquitoes when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. It’s probably happened to all of us at some point. At one point or another we have all had a nice meal outside or visited with friends and neighbors on the…

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murder hornet

What Are Murder Hornets and Should We Be Afraid?

Late last year, reports surfaced that Asian Giant Hornets, dubbed “Murder Hornets” by the media, invaded North America. Some of the headlines included: “Murder Hornets Invade Washington State” and “Murder Hornets Land in the U.S..” The moniker of “Murder Hornets” alone is enough to get each of us to snap to attention, but is that…

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Be Aware of These Summer Pests 

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, most people consider the summer in full swing. For many of us that means outdoor entertaining and activities. While we should be wary of pests all year, this season brings with it some of the more dangerous pests that could potentially ruin your treasured outdoor time. Read on to…

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What Plantings Can Help Prevent Pests? 

Many of our clients who already take advantage of our pest treatments in their yards and homes also take a comprehensive approach to making sure that some damaging and nuisance insects don’t find their property attractive. One such method is choosing plantings that will deter these pests from getting too close.  Nurture Insect Repelling Plants …

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girl in a tree

What are the Signs of West Nile Disease? 

Last week we looked at the signs of Lyme Disease now that more and more people are venturing outdoors. In that same vein, we thought it important to help our clients and readers understand that there are also signs and symptoms of another disease that you will also want to be wary of during these…

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What are the Signs of Lyme Disease?

Now that New Englanders are getting outside and are enjoying the nice weather after weeks of being confined in quarantine, they are encountering the same old pests from past years such as bees, mosquitoes, and the dreaded tick!  With more and more people in our region looking to escape into the quiet solitude of a…

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Close up of a mosquito on skin

Can Mosquitoes Transmit Covid-19?

In the past few weeks we have heard from concerned clients who are worried about the prospect that mosquitoes could transmit the covid-19 virus via a bite. It’s a really great question, and one that makes sense since mosquitoes (and ticks) often carry pathogens that can make humans sick. For years we have warned against…

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Spotting Termites in Your Home 

Your home is your most valuable possession. Therefore, it is critical that you take good care of it and make sure that you are maintaining all of the main features such as your heating, electrical, and plumbing systems.  Another area that you will want to maintain is the foundation. An insidious pest, known as the…

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The Emergence of Skunks 

Every year, around this time, we begin to get an uptick in homeowners complaining about skunks that have become a nuisance around their property. This is not shocking as this is a time when many critters are beginning to emerge after a winter of hibernating, overwintering, or migrating.  Skunks, however, are unique in their behaviors,…

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rain gutter on house

What’s Hiding In My Gutter? 

Gutters serve a major purpose in keeping water away from a home. They are constructed in a way that allows for water or melting snow that falls on the roof to be deterred from entering the openings that can occur on the structure of a home.  Unfortunately, gutters are also constructed in a way that…

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