Commercial Pest Control  

November 18, 2019

We often write our blogs with homeowners in mind for our residential pest control services. A large chunk of our business comes from residents who have spotted signs that there is a pest infestation, whether it is bed bugs, termites, or wildlife. However, we do also service commercial pest control needs for industries such as: food service, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, manufacturing facilities, and a host of small businesses. Sadly, no location is immune to pests. 

Our Commercial Services

One of our first tasks when we work with a business is to inspect the facility for signs of a pest problem. Depending upon the type of pest that is suspected, we look for entry points, pest damage, and assess the level of damage done. We then provide you with a customized plan that best benefits your specific needs. We work with your business in mind. 

Food Industry 

For commercial spaces that deal with food, we are especially careful to choose the right approach that keeps the facility safe. Many pest companies only deal in chemical solutions for pest problems. We use a comprehensive program that includes multiple mechanical and environmental strategies that are implemented to effectively eliminate any pest problems.

Healthcare Industry 

Whether it is a medical or dental office, a hospital, or a testing facility, we take extra precautions knowing that the patients are top priority. Not only do we inspect in a discreet manner for pests, we also find a solution that works best for the business and the safety of the patients. 

School Environments 

Pest-End Exterminators has over 40 years of experience treating school systems and universities. Following the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols required by many local and federal agencies ensures that all pest problems are resolved. In addition, following IPM protocols minimizes pesticide exposure to all who attend, work and visit these schools and universities. 

Regardless of your field of business, we can find the right solution for your company. Call us at 800.287.4321 or visit our website and the commercial pest solutions page


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