Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Exterminators

Pest-End Exterminators utilizes a multi-faceted approach in commercial kitchen settings. Instead of relying on strictly chemical options, a common trend in the pest control industry, Pest-End Exterminators comprehensive program
includes multiple mechanical and environmental strategies that are implemented to effectively eliminate any pest problems.

Food & Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities

Food & Processing Plants Exterminators

Possessing industry approved technology and equipment, Pest-End Exterminators can effectively and efficiently service food and pharmaceuticals processing facilities. We provide comprehensive inspections of the facilities and treatments when necessary. All devices are scanned in during each service and the report is emailed to all contact people to ensure all interested parties remain informed.

Pest-End Exterminators has vast experience with multiple auditing agencies including AIB, BRC Global Standards for Food, Kraft Audits, SQF and NSF.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality Exterminators

Pest-End Exterminators provides discreet services for all general crawling pests, rodents, and bed bugs for any hospitality location. Reputation is of paramount importance to the hospitality industry. Pest prevention is key in upholding the reputation of your hotel or motel and Pest-End Exterminators prides itself on stopping the problem prior to your guests seeing it. When you utilize general pest control services or schedule consistent canine inspections for bed bugs, Pest-End Exterminators takes the reputation of the hotel as its own reputation.


Pest Control Services For Hospitals In Massachusetts

Pest-End Exterminators understands that patient care is the top priority in a hospital. No one has time to worry about pest control issues that may arise. Whether it is general pest services, bed bug services, or deodorizing and sanitizing, Pest-End Exterminators is fully equipped to service all of the needs of a hospital in a discreet manner which allows the hospital to focus on the health and care of their patients.

Schools & Universities

Pest Control Services For Schools & Universities

Pest-End Exterminators has over 40 years of experience treating school systems and universities. Following the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols required by many local and federal agencies ensures that all pest problems are resolved. In addition, following IPM protocols minimizes pesticide exposure to all who attend, work and visit these schools and universities. While schools and universities present unique challenges when combating pest control issues, Pest-End Exterminators is up to the challenge and can devise creative ways to address a variety of pest control issues at these facilities.

Integrated Fly Program

Fly Program Exterminators

Flies carry a multitude of germs and diseases and are pests that patrons and customers notice most frequently in establishments. Whether it is the common house fly, drain fly, or fruit fly, Pest-End Exterminators is equipped to address all types of fly infestations through a variety of strategies including baiting, foaming, and implementing sanitation and cultural changes necessary to minimize fly populations.

Pest-End Exterminators services a variety of commercial sites including apartment and condo complexes, multi-unit properties, hotels, restaurants, food processing facilities, hospitals, retail stores and public and private schools and universities.