Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Exterminators

Pest-End’s commercial pest control services utilize a multi-faceted approach to commercial kitchen extermination tasks. Instead of relying strictly on chemical options, a common trend within the commercial pest control industry, our commercial kitchen exterminators employ proven eco-friendly and safe methods, including multiple mechanical and environmental techniques to effectively and safely eliminate all pest problems.

Food & Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities

Food & Processing Plants Exterminators

Pest-End commercial pest services extend to food and pharmaceutical processing facilities, where pest control needs to be of the utmost importance and quality. We provide detailed and comprehensive pest inspections and commercial pest treatment options, ensuring that your facility remains pest-free. All areas and devices are scanned during each service and noted within detailed reports that are emailed to all contacts, ensuring that all stakeholders remain fully informed.

Pest-End commercial exterminators have vast experience with multiple auditing agencies, including AIB, BRC Global Standards for Food, Kraft Audits, SQF, and NSF.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality Exterminators

Discrete and thorough, Pest-End’s commercial hotel and hospitality services quietly exterminate, remove, and prevent all general crawling pests, such as rodents and bed bugs, for any hospitality-based location. As a commercial pest control service, we fully understand that your business hinges on providing a clean, pest-free environment for all of your guests. Our commercial pest exterminators pride themselves on stopping the problem before or quickly after discovery by utilizing experienced pest control techniques, such as canine bed bug inspections.


Pest Control Services For Hospitals In Massachusetts

Our commercial pest control exterminators understand that patient care needs to be the top priority within hospitals, not pest removal. No one has time to worry about hospital pest control issues that may arrive – this is where Pest-End commercial exterminators come in. Whether your hospital requires inspections, general pest control services, or deodorizing and sanitation, our commercial pest control services are fully equipped to service all building and environmental needs in a discreet yet thorough manner. Let Pest-End handle the bugs so that you can focus on your patients’ health and care.


Schools & Universities

Pest Control Services For Schools & Universities

It’s expected that educational institutions provide a healthy, clean, and pest-free environment. Pest-End commercial pest control exterminators have over 40 years of experience inspecting and treating entire school systems and universities. Following the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols required by many local and federal agencies ensures that all pest problems are resolved. In addition, following IPM protocols minimizes pesticide exposure to all who attend, work, and visit these schools and universities.


Integrated Fly Program

Fly Program Exterminators

Outside of being pests that customers and patrons will notice most frequently, flies also carry an abundance of nasty germs and diseases, which you probably don’t want anywhere near your business. Our commercial pest control services are fully equipped and experienced in exterminating and removing all fly infestations, such as house flies, drain flies, and fruit flies, with experienced and proven strategies, including baiting, foaming, and sanitization. Our commercial exterminators are experienced in servicing various commercial sites, such as hotels, restaurants, food processing facilities, hospitals, and retail stores.