Gray squirrels can be extremely damaging to your home’s insulation. As one of the most common pests in New England, Pest-End Exterminators are extremely experienced with trapping and removing squirrels from your home. If you’re struggling with a squirrel problem, contact us today to remove the squirrel population from your home, remediate your property and ensure these pests won’t be a problem for you again.

Who Do You Call When Squirrels Are Invading Your Home or Attic?

The wildlife specialists at Pest-End Exterminators are highly trained and experienced in squirrel trapping and exclusion techniques. In just a matter of days, they will have all squirrels removed from your home and will also alert you to any other issues that may need to be addressed to keep this issue from reoccurring. We also offer attic cleanout and remediation services to ensure any damaged insulation is replaced, and all droppings left behind are removed.

Things To Know About Squirrels In New England

Gray squirrels are a very common species throughout New England. They are also one of the most common species that invade homes. Squirrels often chew their way into structures, targeting vulnerable spaces. Areas commonly targeted include attic gable vents, roof vents, roof returns, construction gaps near roofline, and rotting facia boards.

Squirrels are unique in the fact that they have two liters of young each year. Their first litter is born between April-May, with the second litter falling in the August-September time frame. Each litter size is commonly between 4 and 6 young. We typically see increased activity in homes just before these times as female squirrels try to find a place to raise their young. There is also increased activity during the winter months as squirrels seek shelter from the freezing temperatures.

Squirrels pose a significant risk to homes, as well as home owners. Every year approximately 30,000 house fires are attributed to squirrels and other rodents. Like all rodents, squirrels have incisor teeth that are continuously growing, resulting in the need for squirrels to frequently chew objects in order to keep this growth in check. The electrical wiring in homes is often targeted by squirrels, resulting in exposed wires that can easily short circuit and ignite surrounding material. Squirrels will also use insulation in attics of homes as nesting material. By shredding and compacting the insulation in your attic, they are essentially destroying the insulating value of your home.