Canada Geese are one of the most common nuisance bird species across the north east. They commonly flock to golf courses, public parks, sports fields, and lawns that border water sources in search of grazing habitat. If you are experiencing issues with Canada geese on your property, give Pest-End’s Wildlife division a call to schedule a free inspection at your property for Canada geese removal. Our specialists will design a comprehensive control plan to ensure a goose free future.

Controlling Canadian Geese On Your Property

Geese themselves are a nuisance in large groups when they become vocal and territorial of their young, frequently chasing and even attacking people and pets. More commonly, they are a nuisance because they defecate all over the areas on which they are feeding. When geese congregate in large numbers, their droppings create a greasy mess that is not easily removed.

Canada Geese are a federally protected migratory species. Because of this, they typically cannot be simply removed from a property. Any removal work would require a federal permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Goose control is typically done through the application of liquid treatments that render the areas on which they feed unpalatable. These treatments are applied on a weekly basis. They will force geese to move on to a new area, typically after just a few treatments. However, there is another effective goose control technique. Dog Hazing is a control technique used nation wide that has been met with great success. Dog handlers make daily visits to the affected properties with highly trained canines. These dogs chase the geese off the property day after day until the geese move on to a new feeding area where they will not be disturbed. This process usually takes two to three weeks, but does not require chemical applications to the grass or turf.