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Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important? 

May 5, 2021

Gutter cleaning is a critical part of exterior home maintenance. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners tend to skip this part of spring yard cleaning either because the gutters are high enough to be, “out of sight, out of mind” or the task is too much to do without the right equipment. Regardless of the reasons why this task is generally ignored, it can cause some serious damage to your roof, foundation, and the interior of your home, should the water run off and find its way inside. 

What’s the Purpose of Gutters? 

Gutters, those long metal or plastic devices attached to the edge of your roof have one main purpose. Their primary function is to divert rain water and melting snow away from the structure of a home or business. 

During a rainstorm, gutters are meant to whisk the water away from your roof, down the spouts and then away from the foundation of the structure. When this happens properly a building is protected from puddling water finding its way under shingles on the roof or between cracks in the foundation. When debris such as leaves, nesting material, and branches are allowed to accumulate in a gutter system, this function becomes clogged and causes some serious issues for homeowners. 

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4 Reasons Why You Need Your Gutters Cleaned

Throughout the year environmental debris such as sticks, leaves, and the occasional bird’s nest can clog up a gutter system leading to some costly and time consuming issues for your home. Here are four reasons why you should consider hiring Pest-End to clean your gutters using our SkyVac Gutter Cleaning services available in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

#1 Prevention of Water Damage

When gutters are blocked by debris, rain water can also become clogged and back up into your roof or seep through your siding into your home. Water damage on ceilings, inside walls, and on the exterior of your home can result. 

Water can also damage a roof by seeping in between shingles to cause water stains, leaks, and even roof rot if it is ignored for too long. 

#2 Reduce the Risk of Foundation Issues

As water moves through the downspouts, the main idea is to prevent foundation damage by keeping the rushing water away from the foundation of the home. Water’s erosion capabilities can quickly wear away at cracks and crevices of a foundation and cause leaking and flooding issues in basements. 

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#3 Keeps Pests At Bay 

By cleaning gutters regularly (meaning once a year, at least) homeowners have the chance to stop potential pests like birds, ticks, mosquito breeding grounds, wildlife, and other insects from taking up residence in the gutter system. These cleanings can stop a small pest problem from becoming a large pest infestation. 

#4 Provides Curb Appeal 

Nothing says curb appeal like a clean and tidy exterior of your home and landscaped yard. One thing that can ruin that is a clogged gutter. We’ve seen homes with small plants thriving in a gutter, nests sticking out, and broken gutters hanging off houses due to the lack of maintenance. A home will lose major curb appeal if the gutters are a mess. 

Check out our SkyVac Gutter Cleaning service on our site and learn more about how we can help keep your home healthy with this regular service. 

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