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What’s Hiding In My Gutter? 

May 13, 2020

Gutters serve a major purpose in keeping water away from a home. They are constructed in a way that allows for water or melting snow that falls on the roof to be deterred from entering the openings that can occur on the structure of a home. 

Unfortunately, gutters are also constructed in a way that makes for a perfect hiding spot and breeding ground for many pests. Let’s examine these potential pests that could be hiding in your gutter. 


One pest that truly loves breeding in the wet environment that can often accompany a clogged gutter, is the mosquito. When gutters are clogged with debris including leaves, branches, and other debris, it can become a very wet environment. This is a perfect place for a mosquito to safely breed. 

Cleaning the gutters out regularly can mean that mosquitoes will have one less area of standing water in which to breed. It also means your home will have excess water drain away from the structure versus draining towards it. 



Mice and rats also love to have a safe place away from predators to nest. Gutters can provide just such a place. Thankfully, mice and rats can be easily detected in gutters due to the sounds of scratching and the scurrying around. Keeping rodents out of your gutters means they also have less of a chance of finding an opening in the roof, soffits, or siding that could give them access to the interior of your home. 

Bees, Hornets, and Wasps

Flying and stinging pests are also on the hunt for safe havens to build their nests. Bees are also pests that can utilize the gutters that get clogged after a long winter. Be sure to clean regularly and use professionals to remove bees nests. 


Termites and Ants 

Crawling insects such as termites and ants can also find gutters to be a useful hiding place. These pests love moisture and decaying organic material. Termites and ants are not as easy to detect in a gutter as bees and rodents are. Hiring a professional to eliminate and exclude these pests may be your best bet in assuring yourself that they do not enter the interior of your home. 

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