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What Are the First Pests of Spring? 

April 28, 2021

Yellow Daffodils emerging in your garden, crocuses poking through the ground, and the slight hum of bees are some of nature’s first signs of spring. In the world of pest prevention and pest control, there are also some first signs of spring that we are all too aware of here at Pest-End. Today, we are talking about those first pests that find their way into your home and garden. 

Now that the weather is really warming up, we all want to be outdoors and enjoy every second of that glorious sunshine. Unfortunately, with the benefits of a better climate, spring also brings pests of many varieties. Here are the first pests that you may notice and what you can do to keep them at bay. 

carpenter ant


You really know that spring is in full swing when the ants start showing up in earnest in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Virtually every type of ant species becomes active in the spring. Worker ants finding nesting areas, mating, and reproduction of the colony is a non-stop activity. 

Since ants have been known to spread disease, especially in your kitchen, it’s a smart idea to take a few simple steps to make your kitchen less attractive to these pests. Don’t leave food out on the counter, seal all food packages, and keep your kitchen clean and free of any spills or crumbs. 


While termites never really go away, the active swarmers tend to “wake up” after the final frost of the season. Every colonies’ swarmers wake up and become active around the same time, to maximize their chances of finding each other in a termite mating ritual. Once they mate, the colony will begin to grow and expand, finding living space inside any moist or damaged wood in your home. 

To prevent termites this spring look for wood both outside and inside your home that may be damaged and particularly vulnerable to termite infestation. We recommend an annual inspection by our termite specialists. Also suggested is repairing any leaks in pipes or utility areas that could cause wood damage.

Bees & Wasps 

It’s always a comfort to hear the chirping of the birds and the buzzing of the first bees of spring. Unfortunately, this is short lived as bees and wasps tend to become nuisance pests when you begin entertaining outdoors. 

While bees are critically important to the regional and global ecosystem, you probably don’t want them hanging out near your patio, play equipment, or outdoor dining area. If you notice that bees or wasps have begun creating their nests in the overhangs of trees near your home, call in the exterminators immediately as you do not want the colony to continue to grow and cause issues during the entire outdoor entertaining season. 

The first signs of spring may be a welcome sight but the first pests may bring fears of damage and annoyance during a time that should be rejuvenating. Call our team if you notice any of these pesky signs of spring in or around your home. 


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