The Emergence of Skunks 

May 20, 2020

Every year, around this time, we begin to get an uptick in homeowners complaining about skunks that have become a nuisance around their property. This is not shocking as this is a time when many critters are beginning to emerge after a winter of hibernating, overwintering, or migrating. 

Skunks, however, are unique in their behaviors, and obviously their smell. Here is a quick overview for homeowners to avoid the pitfalls of this time of year and the emergence of skunks. 


Identifying Skunks 

By far, skunks are the most easily identifiable pest. Their smell alone can be detected by the human nose up to 3.5 miles away! The spray of their foul warning scent works when the muscles located next to the scent glands sprays with a high degree of accuracy, as far as 3 m(10 ft). 

Along with the easily identifiable scent of a skunk, is the visual appearance that makes these pests incredibly easy to spot. These black and white striped animals are known for their coloring and way of lumbering through the woods. 

Skunk Warning Signs 

Along with the sight of a skunk being a warning to most pets and humans alike, there are several other signs that can let you know that the animals about to release its malodorous spray at you. 

Skunks generally only use their spray when they are in a defensive position to protect themselves or their young. Even before they do decide to spray, they give ample warning signs. These include: stamping front feet, raising their tail, hissing, short forward charges and twisting their hind end around in your direction.

fence in yard

Protecting Your Yard 

If skunks often visit your yard either looking to find a nesting site or a meal in your garbage, you will want to take some steps to stop these frequent visits. 

Take preventative measures such as putting locking lids on your trash barrels, storing dog and pet food indoors, covering window wells, cleaning up debris from under sheds and crawl spaces, and making sure that your lawn is grub free. Grubs that can grow in your overwatered lawn can be a yummy treat for skunks. 

If you find that you have a skunk den or hole, have professionals fill the holes and attempt to exclude the pests from your yard. 

Do you have problems with skunks this year as they emerge for the spring season? Drop us a line here or drop us a line on our Facebook page


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