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The Destruction Carpenter Bees Can Cause 

April 8, 2020

There is no doubt that bees in general are an important part of our ecosystem. We need them to survive as a species, so doing everything we can to support the species is critical. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, ignoring a Carpenter Bee issue is not in the cards due to the potential damage and destruction that these insects can cause. 

Why Are Carpenter Bees Different? 

We are often asked why Carpenter Bees are so different from other bees. While this particular type of bee doesn’t sting or cause any potential health hazard like so many other biting and stinging insects, it can cause considerable damage to a wood structure. That wood structure could be your home, garage, steps, or shed. 

Carpenter bees target trees, logs, and sometimes … homes. They usually select untreated wood. That means decks, porches, outbuildings, sheds, outside steps, fences, and other external structures are their first choice.

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The Potential Damage 

Carpenter bees love untreated wood! Many homeowners mistakenly believe that the bees are eating the wood, but in reality they are boring tunnels into it for nesting purposes. The damage can be extensive and could potentially become a safety issue at your home if it continues long enough. 

Carpenter bees have been known to cause damage by: 

  • Tunneling into railings, decks, and steps that could become unsafe and vulnerable to collapse. 
  • Boring into support beams and joists that are vital parts of the foundation of a home. Enough damage, and the weakened beams could become a safety issue. 

In both instances the damage could lead to larger structural issues and potential injury. 

carpenter bee hole

Prevention and Treatment 

There is no easy way to control carpenter bees from making nests in your wood home, but certain preventive measures can be adopted. Corrective steps can be taken to prevent long term damage.

Regularly inspecting your home’s exterior is a good start at determining if your home has any carpenter bees. Be on the lookout while you maintain your yard and lawn for bees that look similar to bumble bees, but tend to return to the same spot on a wood’s surface. 

Look for circular holes on your structure that are just about the size of a nickel. Inspections of your wood siding and home’s structure can help you catch a carpenter bee nest before it becomes a larger problem. 

Maintaining the paint on the exterior structures of your home is a great preventative technique to deter Carpenter Bees from choosing your home. Given that untreated wood is a favorite of this bee, you would be smart to be sure that any peeling or chipped paint on your home is fixed quickly. 

To prevent the continued boring and tunneling that these bees can do, it is advised that you call an exterminator who can treat your home and seal up the holes to stop the bees from continuing the damage. 

Do you suspect that your home has Carpenter bees. Talk to our specialists and request an inspection to determine the extent of damage and course of treatment. 


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