Raccoon Damage and Destruction 

November 11, 2019


If you have experienced raccoons on your property then you know exactly what I am talking about. These animals can make a huge mess of garbage cans let alone what they would do if they found their way inside a home!  

A Little About Raccoons…

Raccoons tend to be intelligent, if not crafty, animals. They are also nimble with the use of their paws and claws. They can often open locked gates, garbage cans, and even problem solve situations. These nocturnal creatures often cause chaos wherever they scavenge for food or shelter. This could be in your trash cans or, even worse, in your attic. 

Danger and Damage 

When raccoons find their way into human dwellings they instantly become both a danger to the residents as well as instant mess makers. 

Let’s address the danger aspect of finding a raccoon in your home, shed, or garage first. Raccoons, along with other wild animals like foxes, skunks, and bats, are the primary rabies carriers in the United States. Even though contagion rarely happens, raccoons are potentially dangerous to the health of you and your pets. The disease is transmitted by a bite or a scratch. If you ever have such an encounter with a raccoon, you need to seek proper medical treatment immediately. A CDC survey revealed that about 32 percent of raccoons are rabies carriers so it is best to be careful at any time that you are in contact with one of these critters that you check with your doctors on your last vaccination. 

The damage a raccoon can cause in your home can be extensive. Having removed and excluded many raccoons from our client’s homes, attics, and/or garages, we know all too well the damage that can be caused. Some of the damage we have seen includes: holes in roofs, chewed or gnawed drywall, electrical wires pulled out of or torn from walls, destroyed air ducts, insulation removed and made into a nesting area, and a general mess wherever the critters find themselves. This list does not even mention the foul odor and mess the urine and feces of these animals can deposit in the area where they are hunkered down. 

Removal and Exclusion 

If you have seen some of the telltale signs that raccoons have gotten into an area of your home, call our wildlife specialists who can identify the entry points, use experienced removal techniques, and repair the area so that the problem does not recur. 

For help with your raccoon problem, contact our wildlife specialists through our website or call us at 800.287.4321. 


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