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Protecting Your Children From Mosquitoes and Ticks 

April 29, 2020

It’s a parents number one job to protect their children from all that can hurt and harm them. Most of the time a bandaid and some gentle words can do the trick. But every spring, parents struggle with ways to protect their children from the dangers of mosquito and tick bites. Here are a few tips from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, to help you keep your little ones safe with spring and summer. 

Use Repellant 

Just like you put on sunscreen for your child each time they go out in the sun, do the same for insect repellant. According to the Center for Disease Control effective protection against both ticks and mosquitos that is safe for children 2 months of age and older includes: DEET (up to 30% concentration for children), Picaridin, IR3535, and 2-undecanone (derived from the wild tomato plant).

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Avoid Peak Mosquito Time 

While ticks are active throughout the spring, summer and fall, mosquitoes tend to have peak times of activity first thing in the morning and at dusk. Try to avoid being out at these times. If you must, then remember to wear repellent. 

Be Aware of High Risk Areas

To avoid tick and mosquito bites, experts suggest steering clear of heavily wooded areas where you are likely to come in contact with bushes and grasses that could contain ticks. It is commonly advised that when venturing out into wooded areas, you remain in the center of well worn paths and check for ticks after exiting the area. 

For mosquito bite prevention, it is advised that children and adults avoid areas of standing or slow moving water. In addition, use screens and fans to keep these pests out of your home and unable to land on the skin. 

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Dress for the Outdoors 

Although most of us like to be in lightweight clothing that includes shorts and shortsleeves, this is not always the best idea when trying to prevent bites from ticks and mosquitoes. Lightweight, long sleeves and long pants can help eliminate the access to human skin that these two pests desire. 

When hiking or heading into the woods, tuck your pants into your socks and wear a hat at all times along with ample amounts of insect repellent. 

Our kids are our number one worry. Take away some of the worry by following these steps and remaining vigilant for tick bites and symptoms of potential mosquito-borne and tick borne illnesses. 


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