Protect Your Family From Ticks 

July 29, 2020

Summer is in full swing here in New England and that means not only is it BBQ and pool time, but also tick season. According to the Centers for Disease Control approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported every year by state health departments. This number does not accurately reflect the number of cases because so many cases go unreported. 

Due to the warmer than average winter and wetter than average spring, ticks have shown to be more prevalent in the northeast this summer thus far this season. Knowing this, it is imperative that families take steps to protect themselves from tick bites. Here are a few ways you can do this safely. 

Invest in a Tick Prevention Program 

Pest-End Exterminators offers a tick and mosquito protection program which includes monthly treatments throughout the active season. We also offer a maximized tick & mosquito program where we conduct two treatments per month to offer a more aggressive approach. Throughout the season, our experienced technician may make recommendations on ways to further reduce the pest populations at your property, including eliminating standing water.


Use Repellent 

Insect repellent with 20% DEET can help repel ticks and stop them from biting. Follow directions on the product to spray on your skin during times when you will be outdoors and in heavily wooded areas. 

Repellent can be used not only on your skin but on your clothing as well. Products with Permethrin can be sprayed on clothing, hiking gear, camping items, and footwear. 

Dress for Protection

If you are headed out for a walk, hike, bike, or sporting event, you will want to dress properly to protect your skin. Longer sleeves and pants can help keep ticks off your skin. This blocking of access can prevent tick bites. This is not always possible during warmer summer months so look for light clothing that can give you some coverage. Include tucking on your socks to your pants as an extra layer of security. 


Conduct Tick Checks 

After being outdoors, even if it is just in your backyard, check all of your family members for signs of ticks or tick bites. Ticks tend to like warm moist places so the CDC recommends checking the following places: underarms, in and around ears, inside the belly button, in and around the hairline, between the legs, around the waist and hip areas, and behind the knees. If you have been barefoot, you may also want to check in between toes. 

While you are inspecting for live ticks also look for telltale signs of bites like a red rash or a bullseye. 

Wash Clothes in Hot Water 

When it comes time to wash clothes after a day of being outdoors, wash your clothes in the highest heat allowable on your washing machine. The CDC also recommends drying on high heat for at least ten minutes to kill any ticks that may have attached to clothing. 

Contact our office if you would like more details on our tick protection program for your yard. We will gladly tell you the options and how it can benefit your family. 



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