Mice and the Problems they Bring

July 24, 2019

Unless it’s Mickey or Minnie that you are talking about, mice are no laughing matter. They may seem small and relatively benign but they bring with them a myriad of problems. Once a homeowner recognizes that there are mice or other rodents in the home, they will want to act quickly. Here is why…

Lifespan and Reproduction

Let’s do a little math. The average mouse lives about 9-12 months. That doesn’t seem all that long so why not wait out the critter and the problem is over, right? Wrong! After four to six weeks of living, a mouse is sexually active and ready to start producing young mice. In that short time span, a typical mouse will have 5-6 young mice up to 8 different times per year. So that means if this small mouse is living in your home, she’s producing up to 40 to 48 little mice in 12 months’ time. Then multiply that number by the reproductive cycle of each of those female offspring! Yikes, that’s a lot of mice!

Therefore, as soon as you see even one mouse, it is time to get out ahead of the problem and start working with an exterminator. This can stop a small mouse problem from ballooning into a huge infestation.

Health Risks

Not only can mice reproduce at a fairly rapid rate, but they come with a variety of potential health risks including: Hantavirus and Salmonella. They can also carry fleas and ticks that carry other diseases such as Lyme, the plague, and tick fever. Mice are not clean animals and they walk all over the place including your kitchen counters, your pantry, and along surfaces where you place your food and body. That means that you are at risk just by living in the same area as mice. To find out more about the diseases spread by mice check out the CDC page on rodent related diseases.

Home Damage

Mice love to chew. That means that your furnishings and storage items are at risk of being damaged by these rodents. Unfortunately, mice many times nest in hidden spaces including inside walls, attics, and basements. This is also the same location where electrical lines are present. Put the two together and there could be quite a bit of damage or a potential fire if a mouse chews on your electrical wires.

Mice bring with them some serious problems like disease and potential damage to a home. Do you need help eliminating and excluding mice from your home before they become an even bigger problem? Call Pest-End Exterminators now at 1-800-287-4321, 603-382-9644, or 978-794-4321.

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