Kitchen Pests in the Winter Months

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There is no doubt that spring and summer are the prime months for pests. It is true that they are most active during those warm months where food is around and the weather cooperates. However, we encourage our readers not to get complacent when it comes to pests during these cold, harsh winter months. Pests neither die off completely nor disappear during the winter months. In fact, many seek shelter in your home as you freely offer warmth, shelter, and access to food and nutrients they need. There is no room that fits this description in your home more than the kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pests that you should be especially vigilant of this winter season.

Winged Ants in the Winter?

Spring is usually the season that you start seeing lines of black ants marching through your kitchen in search of the spare crumbs you have left on the floor or along your counter. Winter is a bad time to see these winged carpenter ants because if you are seeing them now, it is a sure sign that there is a carpenter ant infestation somewhere in your home.

Flies Around the Kitchen

Flies are a real nuisance any time of year. During the winter months, you may notice fruit flies in your kitchen as you unwittingly bring them in on fruits such as oranges or melons. Be sure to wash and store your fruit properly to stop the spread.


Those creepy insects that scuttle from one end of your kitchen to the other in a flash really don’t care if it is winter. They can survive pretty much any kind of weather, so New England weather doesn’t scare off these pests. Sealing up cracks and keeping the kitchen clean are just a couple of ways to prevent a cockroach invasion.

When it comes to pest control, the winter months usually go overlooked or forgotten completely until an issue becomes more serious. Don’t wait till spring to take care of your pest problem in your kitchen. Call our experts to have an assessment done and find out what treatment is right for your home. Call Pest-End at 1-800-287-4321, 603-382-9644, or 978-794-4321.



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