Is Your Home Prepared for Potential Winter Pests? 

November 25, 2019

Prepping for the winter is a common chore around this time of year. Homeowners begin to tune up the snowblower, find the snow shovels, and maybe stock up on the ice melt for the driveway. Still, others have a furnace check up or adjust the thermostat to reflect the falling temperatures. However, one home project that many homeowners neglect is prepping the home for winter pests. Here’s a look at some of the quick checks and tasks you can complete before the winter sets in. 

Kitchen Clean Out 

Many pests find that the winter is long and grueling where they are constantly looking for food and shelter. Do a weekend clean out of the pantry and cabinets to ensure that there are no spills, crumbs, or even rodent droppings in your kitchen. A thorough cleaning a few times a year can mean the difference between months of pantry pests or mice/rat infestation and catching a problem early. 

Plumbing Check Up 

One thing that creatures need is water. Many pests spend the winter looking for a source and find it in your bathroom, kitchen plumbing areas, and basement. Conduct a plumbing check up and inspect all bathrooms and other sink areas for drips that could be a source of water for pests. Don’t forget to check the spigot outside too! 

Attic Inspection 

Many critters look to warm, dry places to overwinter until the warmth of spring. Unfortunately, that may mean your roof, chimney, and attic are at particular risk for a pest or wildlife invasion. Check for gaps in the chimney, along the roofline, and under soffits to be sure there are no access points for rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, or bats to enter your home. 

Be Wary of Firewood

In next month’s blog, we will hit on this topic in more depth, but for now, just be careful how close you store your firewood to your house and inspect each piece before you bring it into your home to burn. 

Garage or Basement Clear Out 

Just like critters need to find shelter and food for the winter, they are also looking for a place where they won’t be easily discovered. If your basement, garage or even a shed is overcrowded, that could set up a perfect condition for pests to move in and be hard to detect. Be sure to declutter and clean out these areas so that pests can not find a place to nest and settle in for the winter. 

It really doesn’t take long to do an inspection of your home for access points, drips, leaks, openings or food left about. Do yourself a favor and examine your home before pests look to your property as a winter vacation spot. 

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