Is It Time For An Attic Clean Out?

December 2, 2020

Attics and crawl spaces are notoriously forgotten areas in most homes. These storage locations become the dumping grounds for unused furniture, seasonal decorations, and old clothing. While this may be the purpose of this type of space, it can also lead to pest problems if ignored for too long. If your attic is looking a little cluttered and like a good hiding space for pests, it may be time for an attic clean out!


Which Pests Love Attics?

Every Fall and Winter, pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, and bats try to find nesting and overwintering areas that will keep them safe from the cold temperatures, harsh precipitation, and may provide access to food and water.

According to Attic Solutions, a home insulation company, attics can be the ideal environment for squirrels, rodents, wildlife, and even bats. Knowing which type of pest has taken up residence in your attic may take a professional or some expert knowledge of animal droppings, sounds, or behaviors.

In one of our recent blogs we examined the sounds and time of day the sounds are heard to help homeowners determine which pest could be taking up refuge in their attic.

Pest Problems in the Attic

If the idea alone of having pests living in your attic doesn’t give you the chills, then consider some of the potential problems that having pests in this area could cause.

Electrical fires are sometimes caused by mice, rats, or squirrels chewing through wires and sparking insulation in the attic. This fire risk should be enough for all homeowners to check the attic several times a year for signs of an infestation.

The health hazard of living in a home with dropping from wildlife such as squirrels, rodents, raccoons, or bats is also a potential problem with not inspecting your attic annually at the very least.

The smell and mess that pests can make in an attic is not to be underestimated. Many homeowners who have allowed pest issues to go unchecked have found that their belongings need to be cleaned or even thrown out because of the fecal matter and damage caused by a nesting pest.

Lastly, the sound and disturbance of pests living in the space about your living area can be distracting and ultimately, unnerving.

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What Homeowners Should Do

Homeowners can do a few things to protect and prevent their attic from becoming a haven for pests. First and foremost is to keep the attic protected from the outside by sealing any access points. From there, an annual clean out of the attic can keep pests from taking root and blowing up into an all out infestation.

Our recommendation for all homeowners is to contact professional pest experts, such as our team, to evaluate any sounds, damage, droppings, or smells that may be coming from the attic to determine the source, type of pest, and a plan to eliminate and exclude in the future. To find out more, contact our team or check us out on our Facebook page,

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