Hunting Termites 

August 28, 2019

Your home is probably the most valuable asset you have, right? Then you should always be alert to potential threats to your home including the threat of termite damage. We are not saying you need to hunt for termites every weekend, but it should be a regular part of your home maintenance to check for some of the red flags that could indicate you have a termite issue. 


What are the Red Flags? 

Knowing that you should keep an eye out for termites and knowing what to look for are two totally different things. We suggest hiring a professional pest inspector if you are buying a new home and having an inspection if you see any of the following in your home during your time living there. 


Mud Tunnels or Tubes

When you visit your basement to do a load of laundry or to store seasonal items, take a look at the walls. Are there any pencil-sized lines along the walls? Termites make these dark tunnels so they can travel from the outside of your home to the inside. They make these mud tunnels out of tiny wood pieces, soil, termite feces, and debris. 


Frass or Termite Droppings 

Termites eat the wood that they are tunneling through. Therefore, the droppings that they create may look like wood, coffee grounds, or wood shavings. This “frass” may be seen in the corners of your basement. The termites push these droppings out of their mud tubes so as to keep their pathways clean. Go figure! 


Wings of Swarmers 

Some homeowners find that they notice discarded wings in the corners of their basement. These wings could be from termites that have shed them. 


Wood Damage 

On occasion, homeowners find that their floors are sagging, the wood joists or supports sound hollow when knocked on, or cracks in the ceiling clue them in that there is a damage problem. In many cases, if this is your first sign, the damage may be extensive.

Do you have any of these signs of termites in your home? When in doubt, call a professional who knows what and where to look for termites that could be damaging the structure of your home. Call Pest-End Exterminators at 800.287.4321or visit our website for more information. 


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