A home covered in green ivy

How to Deter Pests in the Spring 

April 15, 2020

Spring can bring wonderfully warm weather, budding flowers, and the feeling of hope that only a new season can bring. Unfortunately, spring also means wet weather, growing humidity, and unwanted pests! Before we get too far into the season, now is the time to prep your home in order to deter pests this year. 


Start your spring pest prevention with a thorough look around your home. Are there screens that need repair, or new cracks in the foundation? Take a close look both inside and outside of your home. Walk around the perimeter for damage, cracks, holes, and signs of any pests. Look for droppings, chew marks, nests, and indicators that some type of pest has made its way to your home. 

We suggest looking in areas outside of your home in places such as: your firewood pile, along the foundation, along soffit lines, under sheds and decks, and near utility openings, where pests can sometimes nest. 

Inside you should examine places that are not utilized often such as: the attic, basement, crawl spaces, and the fireplace. Each of these areas could be harboring signs of a pest infestation or potential areas where pests could find easy access to your home. 

A gutter filled with brown leaves

Seal It Up 

Once you have carefully inspected your home, we suggest sealing up any cracks, holes or openings. Have your foundation professionally sealed, repair screens, tighten up the spaces under doors, and check on those utility openings such as dryer vents to be sure that wildlife have not taken up shelter over the winter. 

Clean It Up 

Outside your home, you may have found that there is still debris left over from the fall that never found its way to your trash pile. Clean out those gutters, rake up the leaves, and trim back bushes to be sure that there are no obvious hiding spots of rodents, or wildlife. 

A man repairing the roof of a home

Make Repairs 

Winter can be tough on the exterior of homes, especially here in New England. Repair paint on the outside of your home, reattach gutters that have become loose or broken, replace shingles on your roof that are peeling or chipped, and restore any rotting wood on your exterior. Each of these steps can help protect your home from pests looking to access it. 


One of the attractions that pests tend to have toward a home is the damp, wet, and humid parts of a home. Keep your basement and lower levels well ventilated in order to allow areas to remain dry and unattractive to many pests. 

Is your home ready for Spring pests?  Talk to our specialists and find out just how prepared you are. 


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