Fashion Advice to Avoid Ticks 

August 7, 2019

Fashion tips for avoiding ticks? Yep, believe it or not there is a way to dress that can help you evade tick bites and subsequently tick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease. We may never grace the pages of fashion magazines or walk the runway with supermodels, but if this style of dressing saves you from the negative effects of Lyme or other tick diseases, then I say wear it like a pro! 

Ticks can be about as small as the size of a poppy seed, so covering all areas where one may latch on is important before heading outside. Since ticks love to suck the blood of mammals such as deer, mice, and humans, covering all skin is advisable. 


Long Sleeves are “In” 

If you plan on hiking, biking, or just playing in the backyard, you will want to dress to prevent ticks. Try long sleeves that are light and airy. No one wants to wear heavy clothing in the summer, so shoot for athletic wear that breathes and isn’t heavy. Wear light colored shirts to help spot a tick that has made it onto your clothing. 


Long Pants and Socks 

Along with wearing long sleeves, try longer pants that can be tucked into your socks. This will make it even more difficult for ticks to make it to your skin. C’mon, the pegged-pant look was hip in the ‘80, and it is now when it comes to deterring ticks. 



If you plan to be walking under trees or in a highly wooded area, you may also want to consider wearing a hat that can protect your head and hairline where many ticks love to nestle in and hide. 


Spray Repellent on your Clothes and Skin 

Once you have suited up and are ready to head outdoors, spray bug spray on skin and allow for absorption. Then spray picaridin on your clothes to keep the little buggers from hitching a ride with you home. 

Do you want protection from ticks this season? It’s still not too late to have treatment completed on your backyard or property. Call Pest-End Exterminators at 800.287.4321or visit our website for more information. 


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