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Beetles, Bugs & Flies – The Spring Trifecta of Pests 

April 21, 2021

Spring is the perfect balance of weather for many of us; not too hot and not too cool. Guess what? It’s a perfect climate for insects and bugs too! Spring is the time you may see three particular pests in and around your home; the cluster fly, Boxelder bugs, and Asian Lady Beetles. 

While Spring may bring a feeling of rejuvenation to many people who suffered through a long cold New England winter, it does the same for insects, bugs, and pests of many varieties. They are refreshed after overwintering (possibly in your home) and ready to get back outside. Today, we are taking a closer look at three such pests that may find their way into your yard and home and become a problem that you will want solved quickly. 

The Cluster Fly 

Cluster flies, like many insects lie dormant during the cold winters only to reemerge in the spring. These types of flies are often found congregating in swarms inside homes, specifically in attics or basements. 

Since Cluster flies are no bigger than a half inch or so, they can find their way into a home fairly easily. They squeeze in between cracks in foundations, openings in eaves or soffits, and can find tiny openings in the roof. They often migrate toward the most unused areas of a home such as the attic, crawl spaces, or basements where they will be able to nest and mate unabated. 

One of the best methods that homeowners can use to prevent infestations of these flies is to seal up any access points in the home. This includes window screens, gaps under doors, and openings near utility piping. 

Boxelder bug

Boxelder Bugs 

Boxelder bugs feed off the Boxelder tree and other trees native to our region. Just like the Cluster flies we spoke of, they also find their way into homes to ride out the cold winters where they can access food and water and lie dormant when the climate becomes too harsh. 

While these bugs are not necessarily a health danger to you or your family, they can stain fabrics and furnishings with their excrement. And just like with the Cluster flies, the best way to handle these nuisance bugs is to exclude them from your home by sealing cracks and crevices as access points to your home. 


Asian Lady Beetles 

With a similar appearance to the beloved Ladybug, the Asian Lady beetle can be misleading. Many of us grew up holding and making wishes on Ladybugs. These close cousins, however, emit a foul smelling yellow liquid should they feel threatened. They can also stain your furnishings and clothing should they leave their droppings on them. 

Again, just like with Boxelder bugs and Cluster flies, the best idea with Asian Lady Beetles is to prevent entry to your home. If that has not worked, or you find that you have an infestation, try removing them using a broom, vacuum with HEPA filter, or light traps to capture and then release outside your home. 

Beetles, bugs, and flies are nuisance pests that are merely looking for a location to ride out the harsh weather of the New England winters. Encourage these pests to stay outside by sealing gaps in your home and bring proactive when you first notice these critters inside your home. 


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