Bats and other Attic Pests

January 24, 2018

Last week we examined pests that like to make a home in your garage. This week we will examine another popular nesting and hiding place for pests such as bats, raccoons, mice and rats – the common attic pests. Your attic is probably a great storage spot for your family’s items such as decorations, bins of clothing, and old furniture. For the critters that want to find a home in your attic, this area can be a place to nest that is warm, safe from predators, and has fairly easy access to food and water. Let’s take a closer look at signs that there may be critters taking up residence in your attic and what you can do about it.

There are several main giveaways that there may be a pest or pests taking up safe haven in your attic including:

  • Droppings such as small pellets indicative of a mouse or rat; larger, oily droppings common with raccoons; and bat guano that can be seen and smelled!
  • Actually seeing activity of pests such as spotting a bat in flight, a mouse scurry by, or the scratchings of a raccoon.
  • If you do not see activity you may hear activity either day or night depending upon the critter. Sounds may include scratching, gnawing, or even light footsteps.

Once you suspect that you may have a bat or other critter in your attic, you will want to take steps to protect your storage items and eliminate the creature from your home. We recommend not trying to do this yourself as raccoons can become aggressive when cornered and other pests can make the area unsafe to venture into without the proper equipment. Call Pest-End to first inspect the area and then remove or eliminate the pest. Once removed you should be sure to assess how the pests got into the area and seal up/repair the entry point.

If you suspect that you have pests in your attic, call Pest-End Exterminators Toll-Free: 800-287-4321  Phone: 603-382-9644  Phone: 978-794-4321.

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