Are My Gutters Causing a Pest Problem? 

March 31, 2021

Gutters serve a very specific purpose aimed at maintaining the general health of your home. Gutter systems are meant to primarily be a water displacement system that allows excess water to run off your roof, down the piping, and away from your foundation. This can prevent basement flooding, roof leaks, and moisture from causing cracks and buckles in your foundation. Sadly, for many homeowners, gutters also serve as a pest hideout. 

Often neglected gutters can gather dirt, small branches, and falling leaves. This can become a breeding ground for birds, mosquitoes, squirrels, rats, mice, and pests of all varieties. In fact, many homeowners notice a decrease in ants, termites, and other creepy crawlers from the interior of their home once they clean out their clogged gutters. 

Let’s take a closer look at the two main ways that clogged and neglected gutters could be creating a pest problem in and around your home. 

rain gutter on house

Standing Water Attracts Pest 

We often talk about moisture and standing water as being two of the things that attract insects, wildlife, and other pests to a home. Gutters that are clogged with debris can become an area where water puddles and thus become an ecosystem unto themselves. Pests like mosquitoes love to breed and nest in moist and wet areas just like this. 

Cleaning gutters regularly, or at least twice a year in the fall and spring, can eliminate the standing water that could be attracting these pests. Gutters that allow for water to flow freely do not tend to be a haven for pests.

Organic Debris Attracts Pests 

Leaves, pine needles, branches, and twigs can accumulate in gutters to create a perfect nesting area or home to wildlife. Many different types of animals often use this collection of debris to construct a den or nest inside your gutters. If it’s right there in front of them to use, they may end up building right within the gutter itself. 

Gutter covers or shields can keep debris from accumulating over the winter and summer months. Be sure you scoop out all debris and wash away any remaining dirt, mold, or mildew before you install a gutter guard. You may be shocked at the number of living things hiding out in your gutters. Once it is completely cleared out, you can place the covers on with the goal of preventing pests from returning to the area again. 

How Pest-End Can Help

Pest-End Exterminators is proud to offer the SkyVac Gutter cleaning program. SkyVac gutter cleaning is a time efficient, high-level gutter-cleaning system that has been specially developed for outdoor work. Our industrial vacuum, long carbon fiber vacuum pole, video camera, and carbon-fiber telescopic pole, allows for our technicians to both clean and visualize the gutter, all from the safety of the ground. The SkyVac system significantly reduces the need for ladders, which minimizes risk to the customer and the service provider, all while carefully cleaning your gutters.


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