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4 Most Prevalent Pests of Fall 

September 2, 2020

When New Englanders think about the fall months they often are reminded of the cooler temperatures and the magnificent foliage display that occurs every year around this time. As pest exterminators, we think about the most prevalent critters that could begin to invade your home. 

This week we are reviewing the 5 most common pests of fall and what you can do to prevent them from becoming a problem in your home. 



Mice and rats are common intruders to residential structures during the cool fall months. Many of these critters find their way into basements, attics, chimneys, and garages. They are looking for shelter and food that will help them survive the upcoming winter. 

Since rodents carry a litany of diseases and can cause major damage to the interior of a home, especially electrical wires, it is important to take action to prevent these critters from finding access to your home to begin with. 

Start by conducting an inspection of the exterior of your home. Look for entry points that a mouse or rat could use as a way to access the interior of your home. Remember that the opening may be very small – about the size of a dime. Seal up any openings that you find. 

In your inspections look in well hidden areas that would make for a good nesting place. Places to look inside your home would be the attic, crawl spaces, basement, and garage. Examine seasonal storage to be sure that it is not being used as a haven by any rats or mice. Have a professional handle any exclusion and extermination practices that need to be taken if you do find entry points and evidence of an infestation. 

Stink Bugs 

Every Autumn, we get an influx of calls about bugs that have a shield shaped body that smell when they are swatted at or killed. These are the aptly named stink bugs. They are actively seeking shelter in the cooler fall months as it is a signal of the oncoming winter. They find places such as the spaces between your shingles and siding to overwinter. Unfortunately, sometimes when they are crowding into these spaces they make their way inside a home. 

While these stinky pests come with a malodorous scent and droppings that can ruin rugs and furnishings, they do not carry diseases. 

To prevent stink bug swarms from getting inside your home, seal up your siding, avoid bringing any in on your clothing, and keep screens and windows closed on the side of your home where the direct sun is shining.  

If you find that your siding has become a resting place to hundreds of these pests, call our team for an evaluation and treatment plan. 



If you happened to notice a large amount of ants around your home in the spring only to see a sharp drop off during the summer months, you may see a re-emergence in the fall. Carpenter ants can cause some serious damage to the wooden structure of your home and odorous ants can contaminate food in your kitchen. 

To prevent these critters from entering your home, conduct a thorough evaluation of the areas where they may be gaining access such as through the foundation, siding, screens, and windows. Just like with excluding other types of pests, you will want to seal up your home as tightly as possible. 

Given that ants are so small, you may need to take further action in your kitchen. Store your food in air tight containers or plastic bins to avoid having contamination. Clean your pantry of crumbs and spills regularly, and wipe down countertops as often as you can. 

Bed Bugs 

The horror of finding bed bugs in your bedroom may be enough for you to go running for the hills. Fear not! Bed bugs may be gross but our team can inspect your home, determine where the blood suckers have set up shop and complete a treatment that will rid your home of these pests. No one wants to find a bed bug infestation in their home. To get caught up on what they look like and steps you can take to prevent these bugs from getting inside your home in the first place, check out one of our previous bed bug blog posts. 


Talk to our professionals and find out more about how you can prevent the most prevalent pests of fall from entering your home. 


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