In addition to pest control services, Pest-End Exterminators also offers a variety of wildlife services and exclusion work.

Our wildlife division provides both exclusion and eviction services for wildlife.
We have experience in trapping, removing and handling many wildlife species including:

  • Squirrels

    Derry NH Pest Control
  • Bats

    Derry NH Bat Exterminator
  • Raccoons

    Nashua NH Roccoon Exterminator
  • Skunks

    Derry NH Skunk Control
  • Groundhogs

    Derry NH Groundhog Exterminator
  • Pigeons and other birds

    Nashua NH Pigeon Exterminator
  • Rodents

    Nashua NH Squirrel Exterminator

Each wildlife job is unique and we assess each situation on a case-by-case basis. When you call our office, we will schedule a time for our wildlife technician to come to your property for a free estimate. While the technician is at your property, he will inspect the area of concern and confirm the existence of the wildlife problem and provide an estimate on removal and/ or exclusion. Our technician can also provide solutions on how to prevent a future issue with wildlife at your property.

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