Below are some common rodents found in our area.

  • House Mouse

    Derry NH Pest Control
    • Less than 10 cm long and light grey to dark in color
    • Have pointed noses and large ears
    • Droppings are dark brown pellets about 6 mm
  • Norway Rats

    Derry NH Rodent Exterminator
    • Also known as a sewer rat or brown rat
    • Heavy thick body about 20-25 cm long with a long tail
  • Roof Rats

    Nashua NH Rodent Exterminator
    • Roof rats are brown with black intermixed with gray, white or black underside
    • Approximately 16 inches in total length (6-8" body plus 6-8" tail)
    • Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats and are often found in the upper parts of buildings.

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