Covid-19 Disinfectant Service For Businesses

Disinfect & Shield of New England, a division of Pest-End Inc., is proud to offer a cutting edge disinfectant service that can help prepare you and your business for reopening.

Disinfect & Shield is FDA approved and EPA registered and is completely eco-friendly. There are several products on the market that kill Covid-19. However, Disinfect & Shield stands out for one significant reason; this product maintains a protective layer on surfaces that continues to kill Covid-19 for up to 30 days. This means that you apply once and all surfaces can be protected for up to one month.

Pest-End Inc. can provide pricing and information right over the phone without ever needing to visit your facility. To accommodate the needs of your business, services can be scheduled at any hour of the day. Whether you own a hotel, medical facility, furniture store, restaurant, or any other type of property where the public will soon be entering, this is a product that will not only help to protect you, it will also give peace of mind to your customers.

Once the Covid-19 disinfecting service at your facility has been completed, you will also receive a certificate indicating that your location has been disinfected. This can be displayed for your customers to see and let them know your business is safe.

As an added benefit, we also can provide you with a unique hand sanitizer that, once applied, stays active for up to 8 hours. There is no need to reapply every time you interact with another customer; simply apply it when you arrive for your shift and spend your time focusing on your customers rather than constantly sanitizing your hands. The cost for a 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer is $13.00.

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