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A beautiful orange fox

How Safe is the Wildlife in your Community? 

Spring is commonly the time of year that Community Facebook pages and news outlets light up with announcements of wildlife sightings in suburban areas. “There is a coyote pack in the neighborhood. Take your pets inside.”  It can be disconcerting to see a coyote, fox, raccoon, or skunk randomly walking down your street, or hanging…

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Ants on a wet leaf

It’s Spring! Here Come the Ants

Springtime is a welcome thing in the northeast. After months of dreary, cold, and sometimes stormy weather, it will be nice to finally have a mild climate again. Unfortunately, humans are not the only ones who see it this way. Pests like ants who have survived the winter become active again in the spring. Let’s…

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A mouse climbing a fence

Do you Know how to Spot Signs of Rodents?

Each winter, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 millions homes in the United States. Break that down even further and 37% of Americans have actually spotted a rodent in their home in the last year.  What if you don’t lay eyes on a mouse or rat? Are there other signs to be aware…

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A person walking through a snowy street

Where Do Pests Go In The Winter? 

Here in New England, we are used to the cold, harsh winters. We head indoors to stay warm and ride out whatever Mother Nature has in store for us. But what about the critters and insects? Where do they go? Let’s take a look at three of the potential methods that pests have for making…

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A white kitchen with white marble counters

Keeping Your Kitchen Pest Free

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where family and friends gather for special occasions, celebrations, and late night chats. One thing you don’t ever want to confront in this area where food is prepared and stored, is a pest problem.  Kitchens inherently can attract pests like ants, flies, mealworms, beetles, mice,…

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A cute chipmunk looking at camera

Chipmunks are “Dangerously” Cute! 

Of all the wildlife out there, chipmunks are potentially among the cutest of them all. They play, scurry, “chatter,” and seemingly have fun all day long. Plus, they are small and furry, and adorable! Seriously, Google chipmunks and you will be looking at some majorly adorable animals.  Americans have been conditioned to love chipmunks given…

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A wood built kitchen

Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places 

As the name implies, bed bugs can generally be found in the areas in and around a bed such as the mattress, boxspring, and bed clothing. They are tricky little critters, however, and can hide out in many places that have nothing to do with the bedroom at all. Today’s blog will investigate a few…

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A mug on top of two books

Top 5 Signs That Your Home Is A Pest Hangout 

Is your home the typical hangout for your friends? Do you love to entertain or spend winter weekends sitting by the fireplace enjoying the warmth with loved ones? That’s fantastic, as long as your guest list is limited to those invited guests instead of unwanted ones…namely pests!  No one plans on having their home be…

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A brown bug with 6 legs

Red Flags: Signs You Have Bed Bugs 

In our last blog, we explored ways that you can prevent bed bugs from entering your home and becoming a major pest problem. Today, we are examining red flags that could key you off to a burgeoning bed bug issue. It is important to know the signs to look for so that a few bed…

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A white bed in a white room

Preventing Bed Bugs All Year 

The Centers for Disease Control announced recently that there are more than 200,000 cases of bed bugs annually in the United States. Have you experienced the itchy, red rash that is common with bed bug bites? If not, consider yourself lucky.  Bed bugs can be found in warm, semi-dark areas, but most commonly in mattresses…

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