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ant carrying food

Why Do Ants Keep Coming Back to My Kitchen? 

Do the ants showing up in your kitchen day-after-day ever feel like the ever-repeating movie Groundhog’s Day? Just when you think you have eradicated the last ant scurrying across your countertop, you see more infiltrating your pantry, your stove, your cabinets, and pet food supply. The loop can repeat over and over again.  As far…

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clogged gutter

Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important? 

Gutter cleaning is a critical part of exterior home maintenance. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners tend to skip this part of spring yard cleaning either because the gutters are high enough to be, “out of sight, out of mind” or the task is too much to do without the right equipment. Regardless of the reasons why…

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ants on a leaf

What Are the First Pests of Spring? 

Yellow Daffodils emerging in your garden, crocuses poking through the ground, and the slight hum of bees are some of nature’s first signs of spring. In the world of pest prevention and pest control, there are also some first signs of spring that we are all too aware of here at Pest-End. Today, we are…

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house fly

Beetles, Bugs & Flies – The Spring Trifecta of Pests 

Spring is the perfect balance of weather for many of us; not too hot and not too cool. Guess what? It’s a perfect climate for insects and bugs too! Spring is the time you may see three particular pests in and around your home; the cluster fly, Boxelder bugs, and Asian Lady Beetles.  While Spring…

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enlarged tick

How To Check For Ticks & Where To Find Them

Spring is the best time of the year for getting outside and enjoying nature. It’s not too hot or humid and the afternoons usually get warm enough to spend time outside with family and friends biking, hiking, walking, running, or just hanging out at the park. No matter how great the weather or how much…

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skunk in the wild

Skunks: Why They Smell & How to Get Rid of The Odor 

Have ever been sprayed by a skunk? Has your dog? If you or man’s best friend have been on the smelly end of that spray, you may have wondered why it smells so bad and how you are ever going to get rid of that noxious smell.  Skunk spray has been likened to tear gas,…

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bat on a tree

Bats – the Good and the Bad

Bats have a really bad reputation. They are constantly being portrayed in the media and in movies as an animal to be feared and as blood-sucking, rabid creatures. As exterminators, it is our job to understand the role that each creature plays in the ecosystem and how that creature impacts the animals above and below it…

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Interesting Facts about Pests

Many of the insect and animal pests that we deal with on a daily basis have lousy reputations especially when they are invading your home, garden or lawn.  Amazingly, however, there are some very interesting and remarkable facts about these pests that might be intriguing to know. Here are just a few of the fun…

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Red Squirrel on a branch

Are Squirrels Becoming a Nuisance in Your Yard? 

Squirrels can be playful, frisky, and seriously fun to watch! Unfortunately, these bushy-tailed cousins of the rodent can also be irreverent and mischievous as they dig at your gardens, rifle through your trash, and cause general chaos around your bird feeder. Are squirrels becoming a huge problem in your yard, or worse yet, inside your…

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Are My Gutters Causing a Pest Problem? 

Gutters serve a very specific purpose aimed at maintaining the general health of your home. Gutter systems are meant to primarily be a water displacement system that allows excess water to run off your roof, down the piping, and away from your foundation. This can prevent basement flooding, roof leaks, and moisture from causing cracks…

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