Protecting Your Pantry

July 17, 2019

Ever open your pantry and been horrified when you find a bug crawling in your cereal or food items? It can be very off putting and can make your stomach roll. Even if your house is spotless, it is a good idea to read our blog today and find out more about how you can protect your pantry from common spring and summer pests.

Common Pantry Pests

It is not uncommon to find pests crawling around a kitchen in search of food items that have spilled or for crumbs that have been left out. There are some pests, however, that specifically hunt for stored food items such as flour, cereals, and/or grain products such as crackers or cookies. Some of the more common pantry pests include: Indian Meal Moths, Grain Beetles, or Flour Beetles.


How Are Pests Getting in My Pantry?

Usually stored-product pests like moths and beetles are brought into a home via an infested package of food. Produce like fruits and veggies can easily hide the small pests especially if they are in the larvae or egg stage of the life cycle. Occasionally, some may find their way inside from outdoors. A good practice to get into is checking each piece of produce before you put it away. This may mean washing off the fruits and veggies or checking each for eggs or larvae.


How Do I Control Pantry Pests?

The key to successful control is to find the source of infestation. This may mean finding the source of the pests and eliminating them. If you find beetles or moths flying around your pantry look in each container for even the smallest signs of infestation. Once you locate and eliminate all infested foods, the number of pests should decrease rapidly. Then you can store all pantry items in air-tight, hard plastic containers, and/or jars. This will keep any adult pests that are left from laying any eggs in the food items you have left.

In addition to eliminating the infested food items we suggest thoroughly washing down all the surfaces of your cabinets or pantry. Be sure that all droppings, eggs, and/or larvae are removed before buying new items.

If you have a pantry pest problem call Pest-End Exterminators at 1-800-287-4321, 603-382-9644, or 978-794-4321.


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