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Millipedes are a fairly common North American invertebrate- a common garden and house pest related to insects but since they have more than six legs they are considered invertebrates.  These ugly little buggers have long, round, segmented bodies with two pairs of legs on each segment. Millipedes are usually brown to blackish in color. If disturbed they usually curl up in a ball similar to the behavior exhibited by sowbugs or pillbugs. Here are some facts about Millipedes that will help you identify them and prevent them from becoming a pest in your garden or home.

  • The majority of millipedes are detritivores and feed on decomposing vegetation, faeces, or organic matter mixed with soil. They often help decompose leaves.
  • Some millipedes are herbivorous, feeding on living plants, and some species can become serious pests of crops.
  • Millipedes are usually restricted to moist places where they feed on organic matter.
  • Millipedes live in organic matter (leaves, mulch, piles of wood or wood chips) and other material close to the house. Try not to over mulch or over water to avoid moisture build up.
  • They tend to migrate away from feeding locations in the fall to enter homes for shelter.
  • Millipedes are preyed upon by a wide range of animals, including various reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, and insects.
  • Damp hiding places can be treated with indoor insecticides labeled for this use. Be sure to read and follow label directions when using any insecticides.
  • Destroy and vacuum up debris from dead millipedes.
  • Contact Pest-End if you are unsure of how to solve this pest problem.


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