Groundhogs / Woodchucks

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How much wood,

would a woodchuck chuck,

if a woodchuck

could chuck wood?


We all remember this childhood tongue-twister that included a cute rhyme about woodchucks. You may also celebrate or demonize groundhogs once annually as the critter either sees his shadow or not!  These harmless rituals and tongue twisters can be fun, but you know what isn’t fun about groundhogs, AKA Woodchucks? Finding one living either in or around your property. Here are some facts about groundhogs that can help you get to know these very large rodents:


  • Groundhogs are large rodents known for their burrowing habits and destructive behavior.
  • Groundhogs are found in the majority of central and eastern United States, as well as in parts of Alaska and Canada.
  • The average size of a groundhog is 20″ long with 6-7″ tail, and weighs 6-12 lbs.
  • The average lifespan in the wild is 3-6 years, so if you have one in your yard don’t put off having it taken care of.
  • Identifying features of these critters include: brown fur; round body with a small bushy tail; short, strong legs with curved claws for burrowing; small, round eyes and ears located on the top of a flat head; two long, ever-growing incisors.
  • Groundhogs eat approximately 1/3 of their weight in vegetation each day. That means they may be feasting in your garden, trash, or plantings. They can be a real pain if not removed.
  • Groundhog burrowing can pose a serious threat to agricultural and residential developments, which is why it’s important to identify groundhog damage early. Damage can include: holes in your lawn, garden, crops; chewed tubing of irrigation systems, and weakened building foundations due to an intruding burrow.


If you suspect a groundhog is wreaking havoc in your yard, call Pest-End Exterminators at 603-382-9644 or 978-794-4321 to inspect and deal with your critter problem.


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