Control Firewood Pests

November 11, 2014

Crisp air, early morning frost and the spectacular color show that trees put on are just a few of the wonderful aspects of Autumn. It is the season to start up the wood stove or burn a nice fire by the hearth each night.  Who doesn’t love the smell, warmth and coziness of a wood burning stove or fireplace? Unfortunately with the firewood that is brought in for the fire can harbor a number of household pests. Here are some simple tips to avoid bringing pests into your home via firewood.  

  1. Wood Storage Correct placement of firewood in your yard is critical to avoiding infestation of pests.  Woodpiles should never be stored up against the house or other buildings. Firewood should also not be stacked near trees that could attract wood boring insects such as beetles.  In addition to staying away from structures and trees, it is important to stack wood up off the ground. Concrete blocks, bricks, or firewood grates can be used to keep the wood from directly contacting the ground. Maintaining airflow beneath the pile helps reduce moisture problems which attract insects.

  1. No firewood storage in the houseFirewood should not be stored within any area of any building – in the home, basement, or garage. Insects can emerge to take up residence within the structure, and the firewood pile can also provide attractive harborage for rodents or other pests. As soon as wood is taken into the home burn it to be sure pests are not given a chance to take up residence in the structure.  

  1. Wood Usage – Practice a policy of first in first out.  Pests will be kept to a minimum if you use oldest wood first.  The stacking and re stacking will make it easier to get to older wood as well as discourage pests to take up residence.  

  1. Use local wood – Non-native insects can be transported to a new area if local wood is not utilized.  

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