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Plant and Tree Disease – Leaf Spot

For those of us who love to nurture and maintain our gardens and trees, it is difficult to watch diseases take over some of our most cherished plants.  Leaf Spot disease is an extremely common disorder found on the foliage of plants, shade trees and ornamentals.  The term leaf spot is used to describe a number of diseases affecting these types of plants and trees.  Since most leaf spot diseases have similar biology, they tend to be grouped together and share similar management options as well.  Let’s look at leaf spot symptoms, causes and management techniques for leaf spot if you find your backyard plantings and trees show signs of this disease.

Identifying Leaf Spot

Leaf Spots are round blemished or discolored areas found on the foliage of plants and trees.  The spots usually has a darker edge and can many times grow together with other spots to create larger more damaging blotches.  The spots will be irregular in shape and can come in many different colors such as yellow, brown, tan and a black tarr shade.  The spots will vary in size depending upon the type of  plant or tree on which it is found.

Causes of Leaf Spot

The are are two main classifications of causes of Leaf Spot – spots that are caused by fungus and spots caused by bacteria. Leaf spotting of either kind is generally similar in appearance and effect. Prevention and treatment of both kinds often involve the same practices.

Danger to Plants and Trees

Leaf Spot may result in some defoliation of a plant or tree. A more established plant can tolerate almost complete defoliation as long as it is late in the season, while a younger or smaller tree or plant may be more at risk of suffering damage from Leaf Spot. In most cases, Leaf Spots are considered to be only a cosmetic problem, but they can have economic effects on nurseries or in floriculture. If  you are concerned or have questions about the amount of damage or how to handle Leaf Spot contact Pro-Tech Lawn Care for a consult and treatment options that will save your cherished gardens and plantings.