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Are My Holiday Decorations Harboring Pests? 

January 13, 2021

Now that the holidays are in the rearview mirror, we all face the cheerless task of putting away all the decorations. As you embark on this chore, there is something that we want you to consider before packing it all away for another year. “Are your holiday decorations possibly harboring pests?” 

Start determining the answer to this question by looking around your attic or basement, or for that matter wherever you store your seasonal decorations. Are there places that a rodent or critter could hide out throughout the cold harsh winter months we have here in New England? 

Are there access points where a pest could gain entry to your storage area? Would you notice if a mouse, rat, squirrel, bat, or other wildlife set up a nesting location or would it go unnoticed for months? These are the things to consider when you put away your decorations this year. 

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Use Sealable Bins 

As you begin packing up your ornaments, seasonal decor, and lights, you may want to invest in several thick plastic bins where you can carefully store away the items without worrying that a critter could get in and create a nesting spot. These bins should be thick enough so that a mouse or rat could not easily gnaw through and sealable with a lid so that access is limited to humans. 

Check Greenery & Paper Items 

Before you store any items for the winter, take a serious look at seasonal items that could be harboring insects such as spiders, moths, centipedes, silverfish, bed bugs, mice, or other critters. For example, if you have any artificial items such as a Christmas tree, wreaths, or garland, you will want to take them outside, give them a good shake and inspect thoroughly before storing them away. The same goes for your wrapping paper, or any seasonal clothing that you put away for a few months. 


Stay Organized 

One of the things about attics or basements is that they become dumping grounds for seasonal, or rarely used, items. If you can keep the area organized and neat you will be less likely to overlook a pest infestation if one should occur. Messes in attics and basements can easily cover up nesting materials, droppings, and chew marks. The more organized your storage areas are the less likely a small critter problem becomes a large critter problem. 

Inspect Regularly 

The storage area of your home is probably not a place you visit unless you need to. Unfortunately, this may mean that months may go by before a pest problem is discovered. Make a habit of poking your head into your storage areas regularly, even if it is just for a minute or two. The sooner you catch a pest problem in your seasonal storage areas, the faster you can solve the issue. 


Need help in your seasonal storage area with a potential pest problem? Contact us here at Pest-End and we can complete a thorough inspection to determine the scope of the problem. 


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