Bees and Yellow Jackets

Below are stinging insects that are found in our area.

  • Paper Wasps

    Paper Wasp Massachusetts
    • Stinging insects that have narrow bodies, usually brownish in color with yellow markings
    • Build grayish colored paper combed cell nests facing downard
  • Yellow Jackets

    Yellow Jacket Exterminator MA
    • Most are black with yellow stripes; some have red or white markings
    • Build paper-like nests either in exposed areas or bushes
  • Bald Faced Hornets

    Hornet Exterminator New Hampshire
    • Black with light yellow to white markings
    • Nests hang in exposed location such as a tree
  • Carpenter Bees

    Carpenter Bees MA
    • Chew dime sized nesting tunnels in soft, weathered and unpainted wood on the exterior of the home

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