Pesky Pantry Pests

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During this time of year, most homeowners are aware of the pests that are lurking in their lawn and garden. We all plan for wildlife, turf pests, and tree diseases. However, we all need to be just as vigilant of the pests that take this time to invade our cabinets and pantries. Pests such as beetles, moths, ants, and earwigs can be a huge nuisance, not to mention they make even the most hardened of us squeamish. Here is a look inside the steps you can take to prevent these pantry pests.

Pantry Pest Prevention:

  • Pantry Inspection – Make it a habit to do a quick inspection of your pantry items regularly. Look for droppings, eggs, and bugs in your flour, cereals, and food items. Remove and dispose of any contaminated boxes or bags.
  • Rethink your Storage – Items in your pantry should be stored in thick plastic, glass, or metal containers such as Tupperware, glass Mason jars, or canisters.
  • Cleaning – One of the best prevention techniques is to keep your cabinets clear of crumbs and spills. Give the area a good cleaning with soap and water regularly to kill any pests that may be hiding out and to keep the area clean.
  • Expiration Dates – While you are inspecting and cleaning out your cabinets, take a good look at expiration dates so you can use the items before the end date. We suggest organizing your pantry that puts the items that need to be used first in the front.
  • Grocery Inspection – Many pantry pests enter your home through the packaging from grocery stores. Inspect your packages before you store your food items in the pantry.

Pantry pests can be unsanitary and a nuisance. If you have an infestation that you would like rectified, call Pest-End Exterminators at at 1-800-287-4321, 603-382-9644, or 978-794-4321 to have your home or property inspected.



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